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--- "(for my eyes only")

Over his three decades of broadcasting, Peter Warren has acquired
a large group of "fans" and supporters - and some angry and upset "foes."

Here are a few:

I am a listener to the BBC 5live programme Up all night with Rhod Sharp as I am a truck driver working nights here in the UK.
It is a brilliant programme and I would just like you to know that I look forward to your part on Wednesday night very much.
I just wish that you could be on for a longer time as I like to hear of what goes on in your country,I do try to listen to your your show on Saturday,but it is not always possible.
Is it possible if you could let me know what happened to the guy that lost that fishing competition in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia that landed the eel, but didn't get the prize?? I think they really stuffed him!
from Paul Parkinson in England

"I would like to thank Warren for checking the facts, and giving me air-time to start the ball rolling and proving my innocence."


Thomas Sophonow, who spent 4 years
wrongfully imprisoned for a murder he did not commit.
Warren: What did it take to get Vancouver Police off their rear ends and take this whole sordid case seriously ? I'll tell everyone…your own radio series, "WHERE ARE THESE WOMEN ?" on CKNW. WAYNE LENG, who knew one victim and runs web site (www.missingpeople. net) exposing the story about the killings of more than 60 addicted sex-trade workers on Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside.
In 1998, CKNW-AM (Vancouver) talk show host Peter Warren stated that "[Born-again] Christians are the scum of the earth." A complaint was lodged with the CANADIAN BROADCAST STANDARDS COUNCIL Read their finding here
I cannot believe that you would give voice to a child pornographer. I cannot believe such filthy, disgraceful man is legitamised first by the courts, and now by you. I have no respect for you any more. You are not a journalist but somebody who titillates voyeurs. C. Sicotte after the interview with Robin Sharp.

I just want to thank you for all the great stories you have provided over the many years I've been able to listen to you. You have helped heaven only knows how many people and causes nobody else would help or champion. You are always very well prepared, never put on airs, fearless in who you take on and just down right entertaining.
I've never met you but consider you as my old friend of the air waves. I just wanted to thank you while I can. No one knows when it could be too late to tell you how much I've enjoyed your work.

Dave Hudson,
a listener