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Warren's answers to e-mails and inquiries

Warren receives many questions and requests from fans, foes. potential clients and past listeners. Below are responses to some of those e-mails and letters:



All website viewers, contacts, sources, etc: This page is again re-open for business as of March 12, 2012. Thank you for your patience.

GORDON STEELE, Edmonton: Every human being has a bias. See the current issue of the magazine you promote.

DEBBIE WALKER, Transluscent PR, Vancouver: Sorry, not interested.

BILL KUSHNIRYK, Manitoba: While the Bloc cartoon is not exactly new, it sure carries a straightforward message. Thnx.

WARREN THOMAS, Saskatchewan: The article for which you are looking first ran in The Toronto Star.

THEMIKO, Manitoba: Thnx for keeping me informed re Judge Brian Corrin.

ASHLEY OWENS, Vancouver, B.C.: Would have been happy to assist as I have done with literally hundreds of journalism students in the past, but a Monday-afternoon request with a Wednesday deadline is pushing it. Sorry.

KEN KENNEDY, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Hi, the answer to your question is "no." I found your later comments interesting, as well.

JEANNINE SPENCER: You are seeking the author's name and title of a book I featured on-air and in print several years ago. It covered the origins of phrases like "raining cats and dogs" and "bring home the bacon." I cannot recall, ma'am. However, somebody with a better memory than mine will surely write in with the correct answer.

JACK HOEPPNER, Plum Coulee, Manitoba: Thnx for your kind offer, but not necessary...all the white stuff will be gone by the time you read this. And thnx for all your assistance and expertise while we worked together...I will onpass your notes to the two individuals you mentioned next time I hear from them. Cheers.

KEN HILL, Two Hills, Alberta: Thnx for your query. Sorry, but I am concentrating on hand-picked media jobs right now. By the way, say "hi" to people in Two Hills -- I always enjoyed your town when I wrote a column for The Calgary Herald years ago.

WILLIE PICKTON, the pig-farm series killer -- to Anne Hayes (see below) and Bruce Morris (see below) and all others who have made e-mail, telephone or other queries about this trial and any subsequent actions:


Please read a new book, "ON THE FARM," by Stevie Cameron, published by Alfred A. Knopf. She has nailed it all down, as she did with her earlier book about Brian Mulroney

Anne Heyes, British Columbia: I appreciate your memories and kind thoughts about the Pickton affair and my radio series, "WHERE ARE THESE WOMEN ?" Your work on the Downtown Eastside for MP Pat Carney must have gone a way in making that intolerable situation well known. I also well remember your little group, "Shame The Johns." I hope you will be called to testify at the upcoming independent inquiry so that something like this will never happen again. Please stay in touch.

Bruce Morris, British Columbia: Thnx for remembering the radio series I broadcast on CKNW about the missing women, sir. Your support is much appreciated, as was your e-mail. Strange that the authorities, police, RCMP, etc., etc., have made no such comments as your own and a similar view from Arthur Alexander just below this one.

Mike L., New Hampshire: Many of these scams between our two countries, sir. I suggest you shift your info to the RCMP in Ottawa. Best of luck and thnx for being a good citizen.

Arthur Alexander, North Vancouver, B.C.: re Willie Pickton -- thnx so much for remembering, sir. That special series, "WHERE ARE THESE WOMEN ?" ran on CKNW Radio for an entire week. I remember saying several times on-the-air during that series that I was sick, tired and generally pissed off because most of the authorities, including most police officers, took the attitude "oh, yeah, it is terrible it is happening ... but, after all, they are only homeless hookers." Again, Arthur, my appreciation for your e-mail and for remembering.

Jean James, Surrey, B.C.: Not in my ball park, sorry. Suggest you contact a Brit newspaper.

Melissa Kerr: Send me your snail-mail address and I will put a couple of newspaper clippings together about the murder for you. Before you start any action, I would you suggest you check the last detail of any claim about your relationship (or not) to the person in question.

Anchors & Sails, and Bev Smith, UCalgary alumni, Alberta: I cannot see why you and a parliamentary reporter with The Sun, even Sandra Landriault, are so upset about someone being denied a federal job because of race -- We (all of us) have allowed this kind of practise to become both federal and provincial political correctness for the past 50 years. It is entrenched into law. What are YOU now going to clean it up ?

Wayne Bennink, Network Support Technician, Winnipeg, Manitoba: I suspect your are speaking about PTSD, after returning from Afghanistan or elsewhere with war injuries, physical, mental, or both. If that is correct, the problem with the Charlottetown Shuffle of medical records is well known. If my guess is correct, then hang tough a couple of weeks...I am trying to track down a guy who's been through it and maybe can help you and others. For your work in our forces, thank you.

Sharon Huuha, Kamloops, B.S.: I usually confine my investigations and, subsquent news stories, to allegations about wrongfully-convicted murders, therefore the fact he supposedly broke the law while being a law-enforcement officer, changes the rules I set for myself. Please send copies -- COPIES ONLY -- of newspaper clippings and other such material by snail-mail so I can keep in his file and start a prelminary look-see. Please do not start dancing around the Douglas Fir just yet. These cases take ages and I do not accept anybody's word as God-given. I will e-mail you when I receive your package. Regards.

M.G.: (Address withheld): As long as Innocence Project Prof. Allan Young has agreed to release to the MSM, you go ahead to whomsoever you prefer...but please keep me-to-date and, if I can assist the outlet you have chosen, then tell them to contact me by e-mail.

Paul (Name withheld): I am still working on the release of Leon Walchuk. In fact, it was only this morning I concluded reading the 27-page Sereca (Peter L. Senez) report to the federal justice department, which puts paid completely to the claims by the Crown that Leon could have had anything to do with setting the fire which killed Corinne. I hope to be going public with the summary of this report and other new details very soon. If you have anything new, please send to me ASAP, via snail-mail if the details are lengthy (Unit # 6 - 1030 Hulford St., Victoria, B.C., V8X 3B6). What have you got ?

A.W. (Name Withheld by Webmaster), Manitoba: I have received two messages about the hotel allegations you mention and my answer to the earlier writers is identical -- you need media attention in Winnipeg.

Gordon Steele, Edmonton, Alberta: You question about whether the Louisiana oil spill "could be diverted to Alaska or any other Republication state where the philosophy 'drill, baby, drill' is supported" strikes me as the dumbest comment since I got out of bed and shaved a month ago this morning.

A. & V. Dolleris, Ontario: Your comparison to the monthly pension and social aid of $2,470 paid to refugees compared to the monthly OAS and Guaranteed Annual Supplement of $1,012 to a Canadian senior who has contributed to the development of this country is a controversial issue being followed by Bob Rae, who also wants immigrants to be allowed to become Canadian citizens after a residency of only three years. Watch for it (as usual) to become dragged down between principle and politics.

Allan Schneider, Girouxville, Alberta: I suspect your need a patent and/or copyright lawyer, not the media. Besides that, I do not take on cases after a complainant has shovelled on the info to other media outlets. Sorry.

Caroline Lawrence: Thnx for your e-mail. Answer to your query is on my website.

Mike D'Amour, reporter, News Leader, Cowichan, B.C.: Of course I recall you, Mike -- and would certainly be happy to help with your story about Kelvin Purdy. As I have written and broadcast many times, Purdy (in my view) was wrongfully convicted of murder. Call me around 9 a.m., either Thursday or Friday this week.

Kevin Gardner, Calgary: Sorry, sir, I am aware of your story and it's not on my highway. Regards.

Kevin Brown, Manitoba: Your "little known fact" is not my beat, However, since this is the opening day of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, I invite readers and listeners to provide a reason for the information you provided for all of us: "The first 'cup' (testicular guard) was used in ice hockey in 1874; the first head helmet was used in 1974." What do we learn from this ?

Ken Filsinger, Orangeville, Ont.: Good luck with your battle but, as you point out in your second e-mail to me, I can't fight your City Hall from the west coast !

Stewart Webb, Qualicum Beach, B.C.: Thnx for standing up in your usual, solid, factual way for Bob Latimer, who is still suffering the slings and arrows about Tracy's death. It continues to amaze me how he is able to maintain his dignity and a little composure through all the interviews I have conducted with him, most of them from inside prison. I still wonder about all those people who place themselves at the Right Hand Side and laud the sentence of " full parole for 10 years." I have crossed swords publicly with Arthur Schafer on a great number of issues, however the Latimer case is one upon which we both agree down the last dot !

WARREN TO ALL LISTENERS AND/OR READERS: Please join with me today in remembering Red Alix, who woke up his world for so many years with a magnificent blend of good humor, news that touched a nation, a daily running commentary about (literally) everything under the sun, even including a 45-second daily editorial from myself, his own songs...nobody came close to being the quintessential "right man for the right job." And for so many years. For always, he will remembered as a friend and, just for today, we will bestow upon him the title of "world's best golfer."

George Cuddy, Moston, Mass.: I usually reply in detail to requests such as yours in this space, however -- with the extreme details -- I will send a private e-mail before the end of the week.

Nancy Mereska, Two Hills, Alberta: As always, my appreciation for keeping up to date with the world-wide cases involving polygamy -- as you point out, the latest court decision (Dec. 17) nailed Allan Keate with a sentence of 33 years in jail for the sexual assault of a child and the jury in Eldorado, Texas, deliberated for less than two hours. I find it odd, though, while people are celebrating because Keate was found guilty for his so-called "spiritual marriage" to a 15-year-old girl, who gave birth at the age 16, some Texas reports are ignoring the fact Keate had six wives, aged between 17 and 49, in 2007 -- and he was only 55 years old then.

Colin McMahon, Manitoba: "Did I get any fan mail ?" you ask. Answer: Not that I recall.

The Mustards All, Laurie, Marly, cats, dogs, classic cars, children, five grandchildren, Killarney, Manitoba: Your demand for $500 cash to restore an antique nursing (rocking) chair is unmitigated gall, if not only for the fact we passed it on in part because you started having children without making certain beforehand they would, at least, somewhere on which they could sleep. But, also, because I seem to recall you carried two frozen bunny rabbits on the dashboard of you clunker-car one winter morning, despite claiming to be an animal-rights activist.

Brian McAdam, Manitoba: Thnx for forwarding the clipping about Dr. Timothy Ball's outspoken arguments regarding the climate-change myth. He is a personal friend, who continues to suffer the slings and arrows tossed at him by well-known bigots.

Martin J. Umstaetter, South Australia: Please....I have better things to do than work on complaints about a telephone bill !

Sarah Thistle: I will answer your question(s) privately, but first have to know....a) What college degree do you currently hold ? b) For which newspapers or other print outlets, and with which MSM radio and TV outlets have you worked ? c) Why do you want to become an investigative journalist ? d) In which province do you live ? e) Can you supply COPIES of a couple of bylined stories ? Thank you.

Rose and John Lawrence: Good to hear from you both after so long. Can you please snail-mail NS Oct. issue to which you refer because, I suspect, if there is any math logic involved in this argument about our legal system, the whole thing should be snorty reading ! Cheers.

Mrs. Audrey Prior, Long Pond, NL: I have spent the last two days reading all the available material about your husband, Byron Prior's incredible story (plus all the attachments regarding claims from other family members, etc.) Although I usually resrict my work to wrongful murder convictions and/or cold-case murder cases, I am astonished, concerned, and more-than-curious about why no authorities (medical, law, legal, ombud offices, local Newfoundland media, et al) apparently are content to sweep the entire story under the rug. In that regard, without supporting your husband's claim or not, I will spend some time investing the major circumstances. Is your husband allowed a) snail mail; b) telephone calls; and/or c) e-mails while confined in Waterford Mental Institution ? Witnesses should snail-mail me and, if including documents, should make certain they are copies, NOT originals. Thank you.

Bill Kushniryk, Swan River, Manitoba: We'd all be expelled if that code was in existence today !

Beverley Smith, University of Calgary, (through Anchors & Sails): Good to hear from you, A & S, keep in touch -- however, allow me to point out you have faith than I do in some members of the MSM (Mainstream Media) if you think they are all going to abide with an embargo date you have copied onto a story in all good faith.

Al Cassidy, British Columbia: Appreciate your kind thoughts. Keep in touch.

Kevin R.J. Brown, Canada: The H1N1 theory you passed along is most intriguing. Please advise if you receive any supporting evidence. Thnx.

Bill Kushniryk, Manitoba: More power to you and my support in your effort to stop Bill C-428, which would extend old-age pension rights to people with only three years' residency in Canada. Please keep me informed about the results of your campaign.

Amanda Schmitz, Ontario: Thnx for your note of appreciation for the help in finding your father. I am confident the truth will prevail, he will be cleared and released. His case is further proof we do not have a "justice system" in Canada, merely "a system run by lawyers."

Billie & Gracia Tworek, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Sorry, I cannot assist in your quest to discover "what happened to all of Carman Rutan's remedies," however I will throw the question open for all readers and listeners. Anybody know ?

Michael & Sylvia Braithwaite, Toronto, Ont.: We have received details about how your attempts to have a child via IVF through a company in Argentina, which we have already been onpassed to MSM outlets which might be interested in the story and, if so, will contact you for the e-mails and other evidence you mention. In the meantime, you might contact RCMP (fraud division). Please keep PWIJ informed.

Drew McPherson: I need location of this "charity race" plus from which province are your writing with this info ? Thank you. (August 13, 2009.)

Nadia Moharib, Calgary, Alberta: "Hi" to you too, gal. Too many years.

Francesca J.L., Manitoba: Your kind comments about my program during the years it was broadcast nation-wide from Vancouver were most kind and it was interesting to learn what you have been up to since your move from Toronto to Winnipeg. It's the first time, any "avid listener" has described the on-air content as "like a good, chunky year-round soup." Now, you are researching and writing about the relationship between the state, the church and a married couple "and the licence that binds them all" and you wish to contact a guest I had in-studio between 2001 and 2004, who spoke negatively about marriage as seen in the conservative sense. Memory fails me, Francesca, but I'm putting this message out in the hope a listener will recall and e-mail me the info, which I will then onpass to you.

<<Name Withheld By Site Administrator>> Manitoba: Your passing-on of the CJOB Radio report in reference to sex crimes and a possible serial killer was appreciated.

Bonnie Stewart, Langley, B.C.: Thnx so much, old friend, for bringing me up-to-speed on the absolute irony about your daughter, Michelle -- the one who sent me hand-crafted picture postcards. Tell this story to the world, gal, so that this idiocy within the legal/medical system is exposed once and for good. One wonders about hypocrisies of the past, should a lawyer or a doctor have found him and/or her self in the same position as yourself. Stay well, long life -- and kiss Michelle for me, please.

<<Name Withheld By Site Administrator>> Manitoba: Thank you for your message and copies of the many e-mails you have sent to RCMP and Winnipeg Police regarding allegations of murder(s), sex crimes, et al. Since all this information is now in the hands of the authorities, there is little I can do with your offer of DNA samples. Sorry.

Linda Ratcliffe, Burnaby, B.C.: Thnx for your question. Warren still participates in freelance broadcasts, regional and national. To check what he's doing now, please go through this website, starting at Page One. He thanks you for your kind words.

Peter & Marge Kingsland, Surrey, B.C.: To answer your query, please see my note to readers below. The inmate's story is being included in possible new entries when this website is re-jigged, but that may not be for some time.

To all people supporting the "wrongful conviction" claim of Kelvin Purdy: Please read his own four-page summary "Overlooked," written from Pacific Institution, Abbotsford, B.C. If you do not have a copy, please supply a fax number or snail-mail address, and we will be happy to send out a copy by return.

Neil Winter: The e-mail address you used is for "my eyes only."

Beverley Smith, Calgary, Alberta, past president, Kids First Parent Association of Canada, and "Anchor And Sails," my middleman: Thank you for the latest column re day-care. I will bring it to public attention through print and radio next week.

Kim Casavant, British Columbia: Sorry, but I am not an advocate pro- or con- Social Services.

Kanokwan (Kathy) Flegg, Saanichton, B.C.: Thnx for the e-mail regarding your husband and the 1989 conviction for child sexual abuse. Because of the date of conviction, the fact Ernie is now 90, the only witness has died and, even with the assistance of a university law professor, he was unable to appeal, plus the fact I am actively involved in following wrongful murder convictions, I regret I am unable to assist you at this time. Sorry.

Doug Stead, Port Coquitlam, B.C.: Good to hear from you, old friend, after so long. And I am most happy you continue unabated with your anti-child-porn campaign. In your letter you refer to "opposition." Can you explain, publicly or privately ? Thnx.

Ivor Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief, Thank you for your intro to the new resource centre and discussion space. Please give my best regards to Cecil Rosner. We go back a long way.

Pastor D.R. Curtis, Freelton, Ontario: Please cease and desist the barrage of e-mails and faxes. You are only wasting paper as our website clearly defines the areas of expertise in which we are involved. Thank you.

Mrs. Barbara Sinclair, Earl Grey, Saskatchewan: I have viewed the videos on youtube re the alleged abuse complaints in Sydney, Nova Scotia, but cannot understand why George Poulain has not approached local media in the Maritimes or the RCMP.

Marianne Scudder, Hampshire, U.K., and Larnaca, Cyprus: Sorry, but I am unable to assist you in your campaign about reportedly-undelivered hot tubs. I deal only with cold-case murders and/or wrongful convictions. However, in passing, I am curious why anybody would put up a 50 per cent deposit for unseen merchandise.

Laurie Gray, Dawson Creek, B.C.: Thnx for your query. The mailing address for PWIJ Inc., is repeated several times on this website.

Glendene Grant, Kamloops, B.C.: Thnx for your folo-up e-mail on the suspected human-trafficking case. I have not received any clippings, etc., since I made the request in mid-January. Repeat: I require COPIES of the material(s) you mentioned before any decision can be made.

Harry Siemens, Winkler, Manitoba: Your rant about the swine industry hit home. Incidentally, my wife just purchased a frozen ham from Costco and I looked to see if it was Canadian -- not one word about place of origin. Ain't there a law ?

Ray Argyle, Lagoon City, Ontario: Thoroughly support your views about pulling out of Afghanistan. Seems to me we are seeing more and more young Canadian soldiers killed and/or maimed just to defend poppy fields. PS: Ray, with all the spin and slanted propaganda we are being force-fed from all angles these days, the fact you were (are ?) "the only Canadian to have been elected a Fellow of the International Public Relations Association" is not quite something I would blast on my resumé !

Gordon Steele, Edmonton, Alberta: Thnx for the copy of your letter to Prime Minister Harper re your belief that we should retain the gun registry. Sorry, I vehemently disagree with you -- the registry does nothing to stop killings, and my tax bill is already high enough, thank you very much. The fourth paragraph of your covering letter to me indicates a great deal.

Ian Parsons, Courtenay, B.C.: Thnx for onpassing your article in the current issue of Blueline Mag. I read it with interest and much support for most of your issues. In fact, I have sent it on to my good pal, former RCMP inspector, Bruce Bowie, in Delta, B.C. Also, appreciation for mentioning my speech at the Probus Club. We still remember the kind hospitality tendered by yourself and Lynne.

Lorne Edwards, Winnipeg, Mb.: Good to hear from you....and you have a better memory than most of us re the policy change by Manitoba Hydro. Please keep in touch.

Karen File, California: Received your e-mail and attachment(s) re the death of your son, Chadwick. Please snail-mail COPIES of the information you do not trust through electronic correspondence and I will undertake a preliminary investigation. Thank you.

Ann Sutthery, Pitt Meadows, B.C.: Re your comments about the murders of four RCMP officers in Mayerthorpe, Alberta, and the subsequent sentences handed down to the two men who pleaded guilty to manslaughter, I thoroughly agree with your assessment of the so-called justice system in Canada today. And, be ready for your blood to boil again -- there are direct hints that legal counsel for both these two men are plotting an appeal ! Stay in touch.

Glendene Grant, Kamloops, B.C.: Thnx for your e-mail re your daughter, Jessie, whom you describe as "most likely a human-trafficking victim." I am aware of her story. Please snail-mail me COPIES of The Oracle 20-20, The National Enquirer, and the Crime Watch Canada articles. I cannot promise any results, but I will cross-reference with my extensive files on similar cases and let you know (no charge). Keep the faith.

Mary Miller, Nova Scotia: Yup, I am the same Peter Warren who conducted that hour-long interview back in the 1990s about the death of Clayton Miller. Your new campaign, with a Facebook site, plus the material on plus the "Petition For Justice For Clayton Miller" ( should produce results. Please snail-mail me (my address in Victoria, B.C. is on this website) COPIES of a few of the newspaper clippings, keep me informed, and I will do what I can to help publicize your efforts. Is Ed McNeil still alive ?

Pam B: Poem requested can be found on Google under "Just A Common Soldier."

Fred Little, Edmonton, Alberta and the literally hundreds of other listeners who write at this time of year about the same topic -- "Peter, I am a 38-year-old man and would consider myself as having a very hard shell. But you interview with a gentleman who called your program a number of years ago and agononized in telling his story about drunk driving and killing an all ll-year-old-boy, brought tears to my eyes. Your public service in sharing that interview with other journalists will save many lives this year...and many more to come. Thank you. Keep up the great work." Everybody -- thank you. Please make certain the host station, CKNW, Vancouver, B.C., hears your thoughts. God bless.

Orest Slepokura, Strathmore, Alberta: Believe me, there is nothing I would like more dearly than the key to the radio-talk-show woodshed !

Dallas Alexander: Re "Whitey:" My file is still open, From where are you writing to me ? Your name rings a bell...have you contacted me before about your grandfather's strange case ? What background do you have ?

Jack Bennest, Thnx for your note. Great website. I will ship a couple of photographs today if you supply your snail-mail address.

Norman Black, British Columbia: Re your request -- I have e-mailed complete text to you under separate cover. Please confirm delivery.

Jack Henderson & Associates, Fire Protection Specialists, Ottawa, Ont.: Re the Walchuk case -- sorry, but I am not about to hand over the results of more than two years' work investigating this case to someone who "is not at liberty to divulge the reason for my interest."

Donna Lowes, Princeton Central School: Your "career project" sounds interesting. Sure, I will assist. Either e-mail the questions or telephone me (we will have to set a date and time as I am in-and-out). My telephone number is on this website. Good luck.

Paul Jacobsen, New Westminster, B.C.: Good to hear from you after so long. On what are you currently working ? Still in graphic design ?

Wayne Stanton, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Sorry, sir, I have not checked my e-mail for a couple of days because of a schedule on-the-road. I do hope it went well for you. Please give me a quick update when you have a moment.

Cliff Kafka, British Columbia: Re: you incident at the Canadian border crossing Sept. 28. As you can see from this website, I now have my hands full handling wrongful convictions and/or unsolved murders and, therefore, do not feel able to assist you in having this case followed. Did you get the guard's name and/or agent number ? How is your sick child now ? Please keep me informed. Thnx.

Sheri Stein, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Thnx for your e-mail. Yes, I had the Pischke boys (as men) on my program several times. However, I have no access to the tapes you request. You might try the author of "Where Children Run," who is a fine lady and might be able to assist. Hope this helps. Let me know. Good luck in motherhood.

Rick Masi, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Many thnx for your kind message. I may be wrong, but didn't I once meet your father...I think in my old friend Tony DeLuca's place ? We would certainly enjoy tasting the end product of your family's second-generation tradition. Address is: Unit # 6 -- 1030 Hulford St., Victoria, B.C., V8X 3B6...much appreciated. Keep well.

Ram Chevali, Boston, Mass.: Re your long message about an alleged $33-million loss at the hands of a corrupt counsel -- sorry, but I am now freelancing only in the fields of cold-case murder investigations and/or wrongful convictions along with my university teaching assignments. However, you might keep me informed about any progress you do make. Thnx.

Cal Dancyt, Manitoba: Man, I must apologize if that is a true story about me giving you hell 30 years ago for causing sparks outside the radio-studio door. Sorry. To answer your question: I am freelancing and teaching at university right now. Say "hi" to your brother Curtis and tell him his turkey sausage was (and probably still is) the greatest.

Neil Winter, Calgary, Alberta: Thnx for your telephone call, e-mail and kind comments about my radio programs. Have you applied for/been granted a pardon -- 1970 is a long time ago ? Keep well atop your bulldozer and please keep checking this website as I honestly believe we are getting somewhere with at least three cases of genuine wrongful convictions. All the best. Stay in touch.

Greg Fry, Seoul, Korea: Heh, my old producer, delighted to hear you are returning to Canada and re-entering the broadcasting field. You will discover many changes in the business, but good luck and please keep me informed.

Jim France, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Good to hear from you, Jim. On your request, since I am now freelancing, I do not touch any story, criminal or otherwise, unless it has worn its weary way through the so-called justice system, appeals and all. Sorry, but please keep in touch.

Conrad Black, federal prison, Florida: As you say "we soldier in different vineyards," however I would like to thank you most sincerely for offering me your views about the future of print newspapers as we know them today. Seems to me, Peter Warren, reporter, that the demise approaches faster than most ink-stained wretches dare believe. Conrad, your sketch of what a fully-integrated internet newspaper would look like, right down to a head count of rewrite specialists and scattered correspondents, was intriguing (to say the least) and brilliant in its simplicity. Again, much appreciation. I will be back in touch next month.

Dennis Maynes, British Columbia: Sorry, this is not my field of expertise. However, the fact you are facing 45 charges while protesting your innocence suggests to me you should go public with the story...why not call the radio/TV/newspaper outlet of your choice and speak to the news editor ? Please keep me informed.

Doug Stead, Port Coquitlam, B.C.: Thnx, old friend, for your never-ending battle against child-abuse. (For readers of this website who are interested, please visit his website at: Keep in touch, Doug.

Oryst Myroniuk, Calgary, Alberta: You are correct, the U.K. holds the dubious distinction of allowing more video-surveillance of citizens than any country in the so-called Western World. It is now estimated that the average Briton (law-abiding or otherwise) is subjected to unannounced camera scrutiny more than 19 times per day. Now, they have okayed the invasion of safety-deposit boxes. God help you if you pick your nose !

Katherine Pilotte, Vancouver, B.C.: Yes, I received the package about your husband and am currently progressing through the documents and some transcripts I have been able to dig up. Because of the age of this specific case, it is going to take time to research before I get back to you. Please understand. Also, sources tell me Mountain Institution is currently under a l-o-n-g (57 days ?) lockdown and inmates are only being allowed out of their cells for one hour every 24 hours. Has Leo mentioned this in any telephone calls to you ?

Alana Green, Jumping Jack Ranch, Abbotsford, B.C.: Good to hear from you, dear lady. Keep in touch.

Steven Lorenz, Ladner, B.C.: I have received your letter and 59-page decision from the courts. I regret I am unable to assist in this custody case since, as you will note from my website, I have my hands full with wrongful convictions and cold-case murders. Sorry.

Kathy Caughlin, Calgary, Alberta: It takes time, dear lady, a long time. Hang in there. I just cannot wave a wand.

Peter Maxwell, Cumberland, B.C.: re gold-mine murder. It's your call on the boxes of documents. If you decide to send a few with pertinent info to me, please make sure they are only copies. I cannot be responsible for original papers. Good luck.

Brenda Mignardi, Picking, Ont.: Your request for me to supply you with a copy of a letter you originally sent to me more than one year ago is, I am afraid, impossible. From memory, though, I can advise you were quoting some unnamed source as saying that, on-air, I had little sympathy for the plight of fathers who had lost custody or joint-custody of their children. There is no truth to that statement and that is why I asked for attribution to a specific person who made those comments. Does that help ?

Mrs. Theresa Zabolotny, Winnipeg, Manitoba: While I sympathize with all the pain and discomfort you have experienced, ma'am, I am not an expert in injuries caused by automobile accidents...particularly those going back 14 years. Your only choice at this stage of the game, it seems to me, would be to consult a lawyer...however, I fear you may have passed the statute of limitations. Sorry.

Dan Frohman, Suffolk, Virginia: Sorry, I am not the Peter Warren for whom you are looking; in fact, to be truthful, I h-a-t-e-d summer camps !

François Brassard, Victoria, B.C.: Thank you for the Roman Catholic Women Priests' press release and invitation to the ordination ceremonies. I shall disseminate the information. Good luck.

Al Krueger, Vancouver, B.C.: Good luck in your new career. What led you to quit broadcasting ? Please say "hello" to your family, including your parents.

Dan Cherrin, Caponigro PR, Detroit, Michigan: What exactly did you have in mind re art authenticity investigations ?

Michael P. Cormier, somewhere at sea: Heh, old friend, you can't keep a good man down ! Congratulations on the new gig. Be certain to give me a heads-up next time you are on the island. We will have another lunch -- and you can pay ! Keep in touch. What is your snail-mail address ?

Colin McMahon, Winnipeg, Manitoba: To answer your question -- no, re Facebook. Don't trust it thoroughly re some of the most-sensitive information which goes through my hands.

Russ Avison, Wainwright, Alberta: Your comments about the statement from MP Lukiwski 17 years ago are noted. Your observation about judges is appreciated.

Aaron Vaccariello, Sheridan College, Oakville, Ont.: Please see my reply (below) to the March 31 request from a fellow student of yours, Christa Saunders.

Jonathan O. Wilson, attorney-at-law, Morrison, Colorado (through Gerry Duffett): Thnx for keeping me informed about the campaign to halt covert harassment and surveillance. I would be most interested in seeing any reply from Senator Patrick Leahy in Washington when, and if, it appears.

Kevin Brown, Manitoba: The "can anyone relate to this ?" video was excellent. Keep them coming.

Charles I. Lugosi, Associate Professor of Law, Ann Arbor, Michigan: I much appreciate your communication in reference to possible assistance in the three cases of Wrongful Conviction on which I am now working. May I contact you in particular reference to the details, probably in about one month's time when I have all the ducks lined up in order ? Best wishes, and am happy to learn you enjoy country music and dogs. You m-u-s-t be a good guy !

Keith Fraser, Victoria, B.C.: Good to hear from you after so long...and thnx for your plaudits re my on-air segment over CFAX Radio. Keep in touch and let me know if I can be of assistance in any way in the future.

Christa Saunders, Sheridan College, Oakville, Ont.: Thnx for selecting me as a possible interview subject. Yes, I have been published outside Canada, and have broadcast on the BBC and other networks abroad. However, all my work in now archived at a university and obtaining a copy of work ready for review in such a short space of time would not be possible. Sorry.

Katherine Pilotte, Vancouver, B.C.: Have received your second e-mail and Word documents are fine. I look forward to your snail-mail package. Thnx.

FROM WARREN TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED MY LECTURE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA FACULTY OF LAW ABOUT WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS ON MARCH 27: Thank you for coming. I trust we all learned a good deal from the relatives of the three inmates whose cases I am now studying and who were on stage with me. For sure, I believe the abuse of human rights by keeping people behind bars for crimes they did not commit is a far more important issue than whether we should nail a picture of Queen Elizabeth on the wall of B.C. Ferry boats !

Peter Maxwell, Cumberland, B.C.: Please keep me completely up-to-date about the Kieran Daunt case. I need as many newspaper clippings (copies) on which you can lay your hands. The testimony transcripts should be available from the B.C. and/or Yukon law library(ies). We most definitely need a transcript of his statement(s) at the initial interrogation if what you tell me about his requests for a lawyer are correct.

Colin McMahon, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Of course I remember you and our broadcasts of "The Modsquad" back in the mid-1990s on CJOB Radio. Sorry to hear of your bad round of current encounters. Please keep me fully informed of the progress of your fight against the feds.

Katherine Pilotte, Vancouver, B.C.: Thnx for your letter about the suspected Wrongful Conviction of your husband, Leo. It's a pity I did not have this info earlier, as I was in Mountain Institution, near Agassiz, B.C., to interview the subject of one of my current cases, Michael Tate. Unfortunately, my screenware will not allow me to open your attachments. Are you able to send them to me via snail-mail ? I also need as many copies of newspaper clippings as possible (be they good, bad or indifferent). If so, the address is on this website. Once I have those papers and have gone through transcripts of the testimony, I will review Leo's case and get back to you.

Leanne Jones, British Columbia: Please bring me up-to-date about your inquiries in this case. Trust you will enjoy Thursday's presentation.

Gordon Krumm, Vancouver Island, B.C.: Thnx for your inquiry -- I will be speaking at the University of Victoria Faculty of Law, Thursday (tomorrow) 7:30 p.m., (Fraser Building: Room 159) about Wrongful Convictions and will have the closest relatives to three inmates (on whose cases I am currently working) up on stage with me, to make their points and answer questions. Admission is free. I am NOT flogging a book, a film, or a CD and I am NOT being paid for this presentation, so it will be straight from the shoulder. See you there, Gordon.

Joy Kapusta, Vancouver, B.C.: Your query about "The Papish" is one I receive more than any other. Just scroll down this list of messages and you will finds my answers to other radio listeners re the same topic.

Gladys Wachowich, Alberta: Thanx for your query about the book re Family Estates. Unfortunately, it is out of print. However, if you Google (Canada) "Family Estates," you will find a good list of helpful links. Hope this helps you.

Doug Stead, Project Snowball, B.C.: Doug, so good to hear from you after so long. Please keep me informed as usual. You work is SO important. If ever on The Island, let me know and come for lunch.

Chantel A., Vancouver, British Columbia: Your offer to assist my work re Wrongful Convictions and Cold-Case Murders is appreciated. However, your spelling is atrocious -- the man in question is Shane Ertmoed, not "Ertomed." What does "coursed" mean ? What is your background re asking to do "field work" for me ?

René Durocher, Stony Mountain Institution, Manitoba: Good to hear from you, my friend. Can't you squeeze your employer to pay the freight for one flight and one night for my presentation ? I'd love to introduce you on stage. Please keep me up to date re Jim Driskell. Best.

Gerry Duffett, Toronto, Ontario: Thnx for "Tomorrow Is Not Promised." Inspirational.

Glen Thompson, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Thnx for your kind comments. If you scroll down to a March 12, 2007, entry on this page (addressed to David Pohl of Edmonton) you may receive some help in your quest to find this recording. It is on an old 33 rpm vinyl disc by the Irish Rovers. I trust your heart is still healthy. You can also Google "The Papish And The Prod," and then click on the very first item, "I Married A Papish Girl" for the words.

Brian Houston, Vancouver, B.C.: Please do not contact me again.

Thor Sandberg, Kelowna, B.C.: Thnx for your inquiry about future talk programs (and your kind words about my past endeavors.) I have given up regular programs and am freelancing, particularly in the area of wrongful convictions for murder (see Page One of this website). In that regard, I continue to guest on several programs, the latest being the syndicated TV show "Studio 4" with Fanny Keifer, and with Susan Woods on "The Buzz" on CFAX-1070 radio.

Cec Smoley, Dominion City, Manitoba: Appreciated your note in reference to Elsie Kolodzinski at The Tolstoi Hotel. Thank you for taking the time to tell me about how that grand lady is closing the doors for good. We had wonderful discussions for years on-the-air. Please give her a kiss for me and show her this message. Thnx.

Kelly Weiss, Los Angeles, Calif.: Wow, you are going back years in the search for your biological father. Ian (Whitey) Jackson MacDonald. I was fascinated with his story when I spoke with your sister and did some initial investigation and research with no results, outside of the Florida connections about which we all know. I will mention your new search on radio and TV in the near future and see if we can come up with any new facts to assist you.

Darlene Mary Chidley, Ottawa: Thnx for your e-mail. Your frustration with the lack of response from Minister Stockwell Day typifies my own in reference to the Michael Tate case, which I believe was a wrongful conviction. (Please see and obtain a copy of his father's book, "Duped: A True Story," which is promoted on the opening page of this website and for which I wrote the foreword.) Keep the faith and please keep me informed. Thnx.

Peter Maxwell, British Columbia: re Yukon gold-mine murder -- repeat: what is your snail-mail address and telephone number ?

Doug Parks, B.C. trucker: You are absolutely correct -- this industry is one big mess. And, nobody, it seems, is willing to take it all on. See Page One of this website and note my current area of investigation, but surely there is a media person the Mainland who would sink his/her teeth into such a story, n'est-ce pas ?

Peter Maxwell, British Columbia: Reference your suggestion about me looking into the Yukon gold-mine murder -- I will call you after January 1, since my plate is full for the next 10 days ago. In the meantime, please forward photostats of all clippings, letters, court transcripts, etc., you might have available. What is your own involvement in this case ? Who was his defence lawyer ? Telephone number ? Thank you.

Dave Bentley, Bentley Computer Services, Central Alberta: Thnx for your query about the "Warren On The Weekend" radio program. The answer is on the first page of this website, in the clipping from The Globe and Mail.

RBNexploit.blogspot - Jart: You have the wrong Peter Warren, thus I am not interested in collaboration suggestion. And, by the way, my mother always told me "there is only ONE Peter Warren."

Sandy Butler: The Hatton-Mayweather fight should be a dandy. I believe Hatton will win which would set up the biggest multi-million-dollar re-match in many years. Incidentally, put a few coins on Hatton's younger brother, Matthew, who is also going places.

Jayne Aulis and 400-plus residents of Westwold, B.C.: As you will note from Page One of this website, I am now involved in only stories about people being wrongly-convicted of murder and other cold-case murder incidents. However, I would suggest your best bet would be to contact ALL media outlets, large and small, plus Opposition Party politicians, plus medial authorities. Please keep my up-to-date with your battle. Best to Paul. Thnx.

Tams Robson, Manitoba: Re: your grandmother. Scroll down to the answer I gave Susan Preiss, also of your province, and others with the same query.

Can anyone help Stefano Boivin ? Hi Peter -- I am e-mailing for advice. I have just received a letter from Revenue Canada penalizing me more more than $4,000 because I did not report any income over the last two years. I sent in my forms blank so they would figure it out, because they always end up changing it anyways. If you know of anybody out there who knows anything about tax laws, please HELP ! You tried helping me before. I am the guy who got shot in Halifax, N.S. in 2001 and had to work with a bad leg to rebuild my life. I have just written and self-published a book about freedom and living your dreams. Can anyone help ?

Jim Mosher, The Interlake Spectator, Manitoba: The person in question never worked with or for me. Period.

Oryst Myroniuk, consultant, Calgary, Alberta: I agree with your comment, which was: "Over the past few years I have e-mailed you on the topic of the Orwellian Police State and the slippery slope on which the world is now confirmed. Japan has just announced, "they" will fingerprint and photograph all foreigners entering the country. Here is the twisted logic of these globalists: 'The new system is being introduced as Japan campaigns to attract more tourists.' Peter: this is one more area of the planet now off my travel list. Carpe Diem.

Matthew Rankin, independent filmmaker, Winnipeg: Sounds like a fascinating project from a most fertile and creative mind. Count me in, please.

Michael King, Escondido, California: As you will note from my website, I am now concentrating on cold-case murders and/or wrongful-convictions. Give me a couple of weeks and I will conduct an informal survey of Canadian media outlets about the interest in your case and the Princess Diana link.

Steve Dockeray, Milner, B.C.: Thnx for your message of support.

Jack Hoeppner, Manitoba: Jack, you made my weekend. Thank you. Please be certain to say hello to Cliff and Wilma next time you meet in church. They are truly wonderful human beings.

Richard Ross, Saskatchewan: Your CD received intact, thnx. However, I am out of commission for four weeks due to a medical problem. Will be back to you as soon as I can.

Bill Donaldson, British Columbia: re your query about the Roberts Creek murder in the early 1970s -- are you certain you are not thinking about a famous fictionalized story with the same storyline ?

Marilyn McDougall, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Thnx for your e-mail message. Please see my website ( about my current work situations, I look forward to my wife's reaction when she returns from her daily morning walk and I show her the e-mail from another lady who says "you have balls !"

Richard Ross, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: I am interested in the case of your nephew's freezing death in 2004. However. I was unable to open your tape of the interview on Windows' Media Player. Can you send by snail-mail ? Also, if I start an investigation, I would appreciate telephone numbers for Sgt. Cox and O.B. Williams. Thnx.

Lois Lees, teacher, Vancouver: I really cannot assist as I only cover cold-case murders and wrongful-convictions for murders. However, that said, please keep me informed re the sentencing of your son on the cocaine rap and we will communicate further.

Derek McIver, Vancouver, B.C.: I aired a number of programs about restorative justice, particularly in regard to DUI cases. The spot you recalled about the drunk driver who telephoned me and broke down while telling us about the time he killed that little boy after an office Christmas party was one of the most emotional, heart-breaking calls I ever received in more than 30 years of broadcasting. I followed up on that call -- the driver, the man who called in, is now dead. But, in repeating the tape around Christmastime every year, I trust it had enough impact to stop somebody else doing the same thing. I truly hope some stations along my old network still play that item. Thnx for your views about restorative justice...and thnx for remembering that specific interview. Keep in touch.

Bjaremko (Anchors and Sails), B.C., and Beverley Smith, Alumni, University of Calgary, Alberta: I could not agree with you more re Employment Insurance and maternity benefits. Please keep me up-to-date re this campaign. Thnx.

Susan Preiss, Manitoba: Hi. Feel free to scroll down all these messages and you may find an answer. Back then, I was referring to a product called "Skincap," which is now unavailable in Canada. Best of luck.

Sandy, Vancouver Island: Thnx for your support. Sorry, no set sked because I am strictly freelance. If you have a specific topic-of-interest, let me know and I will notify you of the station and the date.

Camille Labchuk, Green Party of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario: Thnx for notification your leader Elizabeth May is calling for a ban on shark-fin imports. I am now instituting a nation-wide petition demanding prohibition of snow-peas, 'cos it hurts the parent snow-pea plants so much when their babies are picked...also please advise whether we should place a regulatory ban on sharks eating humans, off the coasts of Florida and South Africa, for instance. Grow up.

Daphne Bramham, Canwest, Vancouver: Long time, no speak. Your well-researched reply to Nancy Mereska's network makes me believe you should take a law fact your points #3 and #4 are issues on which I have editorialized in the past. Frankly, Wally Opal is a most-decent human being caught between a rock and a hard place. Please keep in touch.

Oryst Myroniuk, GLJ Petroleum Consultants, Calgary, Alberta: Thnx for your input, however allow me to point out I cover 113 newspapers per day on the web, including The Guardian. Stay well.

Dot Fuhrman, from wherever: Get real. Get a life. Leave me alone.

Manny Sobral, West Coast Boxing Promotions: Happy to assist...good to see the pro fight game is back in town.

Michael Bellefontaine: Reaching Bruce Bowie...go to my website click on "He Recommends," then scroll down to "Investigative Solutions."

Doug Stead, British Columbia: Good to hear from you, mon ami. Your "call to arms" re the ludicrous situation surrounding child molester Peter Whitmore was right on the money. Keep up the good fight.

Nancy Mereska, northeastern Alberta: While I have the utmost respect for your work to stop polygamy in Canada (witness the number of times you appeared on my radio program,) I cannot for the life of me understand why you are now adding Mary McDermott to your list of campaign supporters. She is a recovering stroke patient , a former president of the Vancouver Elementary School Teachers' Association, who is on a hunger strike to protest what she says the new rehab now being offered is "inappropriate." Good God, if she wishes to complain about the health-care system, a hunger strike is the very l-a-s-t place to start...because, excuse me, after so many days on a hunger strike she will just become another statistic in wait lines for treatment. With a hunger strike, she is contributing to the self-same process to which she objects.

Chris Dubetz, Victoria, B.C.: Thnx for the compliments about my latest broadcast. Please send a SAE and I will snail-mail you a copy of the piece you requested.

Judy Shandler, British Columbia: Thnx for your e-mail after my broadcast on Sunday. I will take your last paragraph into account.

Stan Buell, Small Investor Protection Association, Markham, Ontario: Good to hear from you, old friend. Please keep me informed and onpass the press release re CFRS when it is due for release. Thnx.

Shauna, Buster Wilson, British Columbia: Thnx for copying me on your letter to the Indian Affairs minister in Ottawa. I would be most interested in seeing reply from Mr. Prentice if, indeed, you receive one.

Karl Albert, Massachusetts, U.S.: Thnx for your update on the Jehovah Witnesses' stance re blood. Mighty interesting. Brought back memories for me since I used to work in Boston.

George James Magus: Re Thomas Sophonow and your vitriolic e-mail to me. Get it straight, buddy, Thomas is a friend of mine and I am not the least bit interested in your background re drugs or your rants about "I could write a book." Instead of sending me stupid e-mails, write your book but, before you do, I suggest you learn to spell.

Frank Wagner ( First off, I am not one of your "friends." Secondly, please take me off your biased, so-called "monthly missive" or I will contact your ISP.

Sheila Sims, Melville, Saskatchewan (re the Leon Walchuk case): As per your request, feel free to e-mail or snail-mail me your "point of view," as you say. I look forward to hearing from you.

Melissa & Greg Gibbons, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Thnx for the copy of your letter to Prime Minister Harper re the Washington State pervert who has re-opened his website from Montreal hoping to find little girls with whom, he says, he could have "consensual, loving sex." Please keep me updated should you receive an answer from the PMO and/or O'Reilly at Fox News. People like you should be applauded across the country for standing up to be counted.

Dianna, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Re psoriasis. Please scroll down all these messages to my reply, also to a lady from your city, on Feb. 9. Good luck to your daughter.

Oryst Myroniuk, Calgary, Alberta: Your disgust at the U.K. plan to run a police-state-style program of "learning diaries" to be filled in by parents about their children is akin to another news story, also from the U.K., today about taxpayer-funded personal trainers being sent into prisons to coach obese inmates, including killers, because they are laughed at by other cons.

Paul Knobel, Amity, Oregon: Thnx for your kind offer of technical support and, yes, we have looked at network broadcasts from my home. However, I am up-to-my-neck with investigative cases into wrongful convictions and cold-case murders, it's just not possible at this time.

Kevin Brown: Ah, but you are a cruel man, Kevin. Yes, the "Remember When" list brought back memories, but also served as a reminder about how old we both are getting, no ?

Suan H. Booiman, White Rock, B.C.: Thnx for your e-mail, but I am not about to give publicity to any organizations promoting the break-up of my country. I invite you to pay attention to the last sentence of my reply to Kenneth T. Tellis.

Kenneth T. Tellis, Get real. You are either Canadian or not. There are no options. Your so-called Western Independence is a pipe-dream. Please do not e-mail any more garbage.

Roz Prober, Beyond Borders Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba: Wally Oppal is an extremely-decent human being, as well as being an honest member of the bench and, now, a senior member of government. Unfortunately, in my view, his hands are tied in reference to polygamy in Bountiful, B.C., because the feds and RCMP are afraid to act because of the fear of being hit with lawsuits claiming "freedom of religion" and constitutional rights being dumped upon.

Lisa Anderson, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Re your request for assistance in investigative people-tracking --- why have you not called WPS, why have you not called the last-name search results you found on Canada 411 ? And, even if you find him, there is no definite rule which would force him to attend court. I can find him, anywhere in the country, for a fee. Let me know.

Sandy Butler, God Know's Where. Canada: Your comments are excellent. See my comments to good friend and boxing-friendly buddy Jeff Aldus (below). He knows whereof he speaks. E-Mail him,..and both of you share your thoughts with me. Whisper, whisper (oh, now from whom, Sandy) -- If I had a buck, it would be on Mayweather But, then, I am only a former pro boxer and now currently a's I cannot wager.

Jeff Aldus, Vancouver, B.C.: De La Hoya or Mayweather: I am not running any money on this one. It is, as your excellent summation points out, a "coin toss." Maybe, as has happened a few times in the past, a good, smarter little guy beats a bigger guy. Are you betting this ? Miss you and please say "hi" to the poet.

Rev. Kevin D. Annett/Eagle Strong Voice, Nanaimo, B.C.: Thnx for including me in the list of recipients of your strong letter to Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice in Ottawa re the latest pathetic attempt to cover-up the deaths of residential school children. Please make certain you keep me abreast of any reply from the federal minister.

Monica Kurtz, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Thnx for your update about psoriasis.

Lorne Ridgway, Avonlea, Saskatchewan: As you are aware, I editorialized against the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly for years and truly admired and supported the farmers who were actually jailed. Such is Canadian democracy ! I suggest if you can prove people are lying about you then, instead of merely replying in letters-to-the-editor, you file a defamation and/or libel suit. Let me know.

Joe Tassone. Jack Patch Films: Aside from suggesting you are "a huge fan" of my work, allow me to point out you have the wrong Peter Warren. I have absolutely no idea about what you speak when you mention a "lighting clip" or videography, etc. Good luck in your quest, but remember there is only one real Peter Warren !

Joseph Haywood, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Received your message re L.L. and will expect his call sometime today. I will be in most of the day, except for a quick trip to the bank. So, please advise him to call back in one hour if there is no answer or leave a voice-mail message for me. Joe, I have already been in contact with two highly-experienced RCMP officers, both friends, Independently of each other, they both made the same point: that the DNA sample, despite his background and the murder rap of so long ago, may have absolutely nothing to do with the original case. In fact, a sample may work in LL's favor...removing him from any list of suspects in a completely-different case. Worth thinking about. I will investigate. Take care.

D'Arcy Surrette, Sardis, B.C.: Thnx so much for your lovely note. You say you miss me, but not as much as I miss listeners like you. Take care. Look after yourself. Keep in touch.

Bev Eastcott, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Thnx for your message about the FASlink (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) promotional horse ride across Canada this summer. I will do my best to get the word out on radio and in print. Please bring all of us up-to-date about the condition of the two boys you are raising.

Wayne Bennink ("King Richard"), Winnipeg, Manitoba: Thnx for your e-mail. I remember you well. You can reach Red Alix at 204-864-2545. If you call him and/or Cathy, please pass on best regards from gabi and myself and ask him how many basements he has saved since being a volunteer fireman !

Bill Kushniryk, Manitoba: Your e-mail "drugs -- amen to this" is quaint, but so far out in left field it is ludicrous (incidentally, it has been on the internet for 10 years at least.). Of course there was a drug problem "when you were growing up"...only it was hidden. Go read Charles Dickens. You want to go back to the days of slavery, when cocaine was legal, etc., etc. "If we reverted back to the methods used by our parents," you say. Bah, humbug, I say.

Frank Wagner, Nanaimo-Alberni Christian Heritage Party: I do not wish to receive any more of your organization's bigoted press releases. And, in the meantime, you might check your entire membership and ask whom had sex before the age of 18. Of course, everybody would say: "not me," and half of them would be liars.

Joe Hueglin, Niagara Falls, Ontario: Please remove me immediately from the kind of postings you continue to shove onto my website e-mail. This is the second request that you do not bother me, or people on this website, with your meanderings -- scroll down and see my earlier message to you in February. Either you cease and desist, or I call your IP.

Janet & Joe Haywood, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Thnx for keeping me up-to-date re the tragic way in which the case of Master Cpl. Robbie Fraser is being handled in the most unfortunate, accidental shooting death of Master Cpl. Jeffrey Walsh. I agree with your stance on this issue, and echo the comments of MP Bill Blaikie.

Randy Northwood, Manitoba: Re your comments about Conrad Black and your closing sentence "I will feel much better if his lordship gets what he deserves." Perhaps we should await the trial verdict...after all everyone is innocent until proven guilty. However, what turns my crank is the fact he tossed in Canadian citizenship for a title in a foreign country -- and now he wants Canadian citizenship back again ! That, to me, is playing fast and loose with an honor I hold most dear -- citizenship in the best country on the face of the earth.

Nancy Wray, Alberta: Please do not send me any more of the bigoted, biased nonsense you passed on in two e-mails today. They have been on the web for more than 10 years, they are outdated, unfunny, incorrect and just plain b-o-r-i-n-g.

Kathy Rowbotham, Vancouver Island: Unfortunately, in going through my files, I failed to find any details on the death of the person in question. I note that the spelling of the last name is different, albeit similar, to your own. Is this a mistake on somebody's part ? Since the 2006 message on my website mentioned the Schindlers of Nanaimo, B.C., I checked "Canada 411" on Google and note there are only two Schindlers in that community. Why not telephone them both ? Please keep in touch. My papers are stored every year in university archives and, with some arm-bending, perhaps we will have to access the original letter there. How did she die ?

Geoffrey Lawrence, London, England; Geoff (Digger) Kenney, Australia: Thnx to all for responses to my little article in the OR magazine.

Walter Whyte, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Scroll down and read all the messages on this page and you will find an answer to your query about psoriasis because so many people have asked the same questions you posed today.

David Pohl, Edmonton, Alberta: Thnx for your kind words. The record you are seeking which I played for years every St. Patrick's Day was on a limited edition of an old vinyl LP by The Irish Rovers. I cannot recall the title. However, I am in contact with Will Millar, who is still performing, and will ask him next time our paths cross, then file the info with you. Your best bet, methinks, would be those record sale/swap booths that are held now and again. If any readers of this page can assist (the song David Pohl is seeking was called, if memory serves, "The Papish And The Prod," ) please advise me and I will onpass. Thnx.

David Edwards: You say you are "disappointed to hear you are not concerned with fathers' rights." To be fair, please supply the name of the person and/or agency which suggested that thought and just exactly what was said about my views, so that I may take appropriate action upon which I can defend myself. Thnx.

Allan Chinnery, Alberta: To some extent, I agree with you re fathers' rights and judicial orders.

Brenda Mignardi, Pickering, Ontario: I repeat, ma'am, please supply the information about my supposed "views regarding fathers," which led to your 14-paragraph missive to me. Who sent you the information, what did the information suggest ? Surely, as the condemned, I have the right to know the name of my prosecutor and with what I stand charged in order to defend myself, n'est ce pas ?

Keith Kristianson, Grand Prairie, Alberta: Sir, I am not about to give you an opinion of any kind based on a two-paragraph query via e-mail. I would need court transcripts, personal interviews, et al -- and I do not work "pro bono publico," because, like you, I too have to put bread on the table and a roof over my family's head.

Mark Bogan, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories: Your query about why neither an individual nor an agency can assist with the fact you have been unable to speak with, or see, your children for seven years -- in my humble view, a matter for the courts. Why were they under guardianship in the first place ?

Bill Flores, Oakville, Ontario: Get it correct, sir. I retired from regular radio programming more than a year ago ! Your insinuation (and I quote) "if your employers are pressuring you into maintaining the status quo,...blah, blah." I am self-employed, handling nothing but cold-case murders and wrongful-convictions for murder. I refer you, too, to that adage from The Old Sage seen in my reply below.

Hugo Aguirre: Your message to me calling me names and then citing God was most unChristian. I was merely telling that other correspondent I retired from my regular radio programming more than one year ago. However, don't bother e-mailing me The Old Sage once remarked: "I refuse to become engaged in a battle of wits with an unarmed person."

Elise Roberts, North Vancouver, B.C.: Thnx for your report re "Feminism and Fathers' Rights," however I simply do not have the time to respond to all documents sent to me because of my current workload. Sorry. Also, please see above messages which have obviously been sent in reaction to my reply to Mr. Swanson, hereby printed below. Keep in touch. I am interested in your work.

Jeremy Swanson, Ottawa, Ont.: Please leave me out of your constant e-mailings with online attachments about so-called "fathers' rights." The stories have nothing to do with my work and are just a waste of my time, my energy, and (sometimes) my printer paper. Thnx.

Martin Lesperance, Calgary, Alberta: Much as I appreciate your good intentions and fond memories about Kelvin Community Centre, life goes on and situations change, my friend. Don't waste your time.

Chris Tycholis, Manitoba: re your e-mail about " why welfare calling me a puke isn't a great story" -- you've got it right, buddy. Get a life.

Joe Hueglin, Niagara Falls, Ontario: Please do not bother me with your thoughts and/or news-item contacts in the future. I am up-to-date with news around the world and your bias is so blatant.

Carson Maxted, Kelowna, B.C.: You have the wrong guy. I gave up my regular radio programs months ago (see the opening page of this website) to concentrate on wrongful convictions and cold-case murders. I believe you should seek the info you need from my friend, Michael Campbell. Hope this helps.

Mike Stackhouse, Fox-FM, Yorkton, Saskatchewan: Re the murder case -- I will indeed call you while I am in Melville. Telephone number(s) ? Also, if you have not read the newspaper column about my radio interview with Leon Walchuk, please advise me of your snail-mail address and I will send you a copy.

Buster Cat Thunder: I had already seen the story about the claim in the U.K. that a model-plane enthusiast who lost his fingertip saw it grow back after he treated it with the extract of a pig's bladder. If you believe that one, I have more than a couple of bridges to sell you ! Incidentally, where are you located ?

Mike Stackhouse, Fox-FM, Yorkton, Saskatchewan: Thnx for your inquiry re Leon Walchuk. Yes, I am investigating this case and was on-air nationally with him just a few weeks ago. In fact, I had a long conversation with him from penitentiary just this morning. I regret, confidentiality concerns exclude me from providing any further information, but I will be in your province following this case in three or fours weeks time, and will be reporting back. Keep in touch if you so wish.

Ryan (Riain) Phelan: I have editorialized for years about the racist (Irish are all drunks, Scots are all cheap, et al) commercials allowed on-air, while certain minority groups scream blue murder if they are put in such categories. I agree with you.

Eileen Bechtel, Edmonton, Alberta: Thnx for your inquiry and kind comments about my radio programs of the past. If you check on the opening page of this website you will find details about my current endeavors. I am, occasionally, on air with Mike McIntyre, who is doing a fantastic job.

Larry Updike, Winnipeg, Manitoba (cc: Bob Irving): Happy to hear you have finally seen the light about the Sweet Science being the greatest sport in the world. In fact, I once judged Duran but when he was well past his prime. Please try the following: "On Boxing" by Joyce Carol Oates, "King Of The World," by Pulitzer-Prize winner David Remnick, and probably the finest boxing biography ever written (later made into an A&E award-winning documentary) "Unforgivable Blackness" by Geoffrey C. Ward, published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York, If you do, I would be more than interested in your opinions. Irving, of course, can stick to lawn bowling !

Gordon Steele, Edmonton, Alberta: Thnx so much for keeping me informed about the case of impaired driving causing death and the judge's decision slamming the proposed federal legislation to ban conditional sentencing for serious crimes. You did not say how you feel, personally, on this issue and I would be interested in your (and other) opinions. Frankly, I do NOT agree with the judge, Let me know.

Monica Kurtz,, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Re your query about psoriasis, your mother and your uncle. You are correct, SkinCap was taken off the market years ago, although I understand it is still available in Spain. I have found a great deal of relief with a product called TARO (Fluocinonide Cream USP), but I believe it is only available Stateside and only by prescription. For you, I guess that means trying to find a dermatologist in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Good luck. Please let me know

Charles Frohlich, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Your inquiry re ancient common stocks -- that company is no longer in business. However, if you Google, "Old Canadian Stocks," you will find a variety of firms who will be happy to check them out for you (and take a good cut !). PS: Are you related to a George Frohlich who was a reporter while I was City Editor of The (dear and departed) Winnipeg Tribune ?

Sheila White, Saskatchewan: Thnx for your inquiry about why you no longer can pick up my radio broadcasts on a regular basis. Please see the opening page of this website about my current endeavors as a freelance investigative journalist.

Elvira Carlisle, Carberry, Manitoba: Re your questions about the Leon Walchuk case. I hope to be in Saskatchewan to interview him in the penitentiary in about two months. I have made a note of your queries and will check them both out. Thnx and keep in touch.

Murray Gadica, Alberta: Re the Leon Walchuk case and your suggestion that I should move ASAP: I have made application with Corrections Canada for approval to visit him in the penitentiary. However, bureaucracy being what it is, these things move slowly.

Ally Gates, British Columbia: Thnx for your e-mail. But I do not understand your question about why I do what I do. My website provides sufficient info, n'est ce pas ?

Darwin, Eileen Madill, Manitoba: Thnx for your inquiry. No, the book is still being prepared. But to answer your first question about unsolved murders, please see the first page of this website.

JoAnn Ingeberg, Manitoba: Thnx for your inquiry re the Steinbach doctor and his research with MS. However, that was more than a decade ago and, I regret, I cannot recall his/her name. I do remember, however, that for some strange reason, your province has more cases of MS than anywhere else in our country. If you wish to follow this further, all my papers and program notes are with the University of Manitoba (Archives and Special Collections) and you might be able to dig up the info you need through their good works. Let me know, please.

Evelyn Gilmar, Qualicum Beach, B.C.: Ev, thnx for your e-mail. I honestly do not know how to answer your query about polygamy in Bountiful. My work these days concerns wrongful convictions. If your feel I can assist, please look at my website: and respond.

Dan Melnick, British Columbia: Your letter about my radio series "Where Are These Women ?" was most appreciated. I remember mentioning your sister, Diana Melnick, several times. I hope what is now transpiring will help bring some kind of closure to you and your family and I am most grateful that people like you recognize the small part I played in kicking the investigation into high gear. Thnx.

Stewart Webb, Qualicum Beach, B.C.: Stu, re your message about Robert Latimer and his application for day parole in December -- frankly, I would let sleeping dogs be (that is why I am not mentioning the website to which you refer.) Any great rush to close down or alter the points to which you object will only lead to more headlines and claims of internet censorship, which Robert does not need right now. That's just one man's opinion.

Albert Overwater & family, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Both Gabrielle and myself send condolences on the death of Jake. He was one-of-a-kind but, despite the great corn, Jeez, he was not very good at picking the pony !

James Varga, Vancouver, B.C.: Kind sir, please check the website ( about my current efforts. Thnx.

Robert Werner, Vancouver, B.C.: Thnx for your words about the "Where Are These Women ?" series. Now that the trial has started, it makes all the butt-kicking worthwhile and it was most kind of you to remember.

Wayne Leng, San Francisco: It's been a long time coming, my friend. But, now that the Pickton trial has started, I hope it brings some closure (if that is possible) for yourself and your memories of dear Sarah. You were (and continue to be) an inspiration to journalists like myself and I thank you so much for the research and personal emotion you poured out for the original series, "Where Are These Women ?" on CKNW Radio in Vancouver. Our work (nor your love) will have not been in vain. Guaranteed. Take care.

Elizabeth James, Vancouver, B.C.: On the opening day of the Willie Pickton trial, thank you so much for your kind words in reference to my work on CKNW Radio with the series "Where Are These Women ?" You are absolutely correct -- this is a most significant day for me. Thnx again.

Amy Lapsley, Vancouver, B.C.: Please be advised (with apologies to Mr. Till) that, although I am tempted because your kind offer of a first-born son who will be big and strong and almost as intelligent as me, that on Monday morning I will be ensconced behind bars interviewing my latest case. Sorry. Forgive, please. (Hell, I could have used your male kid to dig the Back Forty !) See message below.

Mary Daniel (and husband), British Columbia: How kind of you...a) to remember re my radio series "Where Are These Women ?" and...b) to take the trouble to write. Thank you. (

Cameron Bell, Vancouver: Am familiar, of course, with the murder/life Lord case, but nobody has asked me to investigate -- at this moment in time. Sorry. However, I have several on-going cases in which you might be interested.

Donna & Ivan Sambolec, Kamloops, British Columbia: Thnx for your kind invitation, however please see the Opening Page this website about my work concerning the wrongfully-convicted and cold-case murder cases I am now following.

Motorcyle star Philip Till and the Gorgeous Amy Lapsley (ex-CBC, just like my wife !),Vancouver, BC: Your request for a Monday interview re the start of the Pickton trial was most kind, but CKNW's own Stephen Smart beat you all -- including Tom Plasteras -- to it. Smartie recorded me 72 hours ago ! And you don't want too much Warren on the air, n'est ce pas ?

Junior (Bob) Wilson, former MLA, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Please halt, cease and desist from sending me any more e-mails or snail-mail packages re your alleged case against all and sundry. I have spent extensive time, money and energy in investigating your claims down through the years and your latest pitches just waste your time and my time. Please stop. Merci.

Lynn Soens, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Thnx for your e-mail...and your offer of help in cases I have in your city. Nothing at the moment, but I will be in touch -- promise.

Oryst Myroniuk, Calgary: Like you, I am becoming more and more concerned into the increasing invasions of personal privacy particularly, as you cite, the alarming U.K. report that people seeking mortgages will soon have to submit fingerprints with their applications. However, with identity fraud rampant, where do you draw the line ?

John B. Parry, Calgary: Thnx for your e-mail, J., however please see Page One of this website re what I am now doing for a living. While, I recall the odd killing within the Oil Business, I am not sure you'd appreciate being called upon during my investigations, eh ?

Judy Taylor, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Your letter re Crocus Funds and the administration fees you are still paying. I suggest you go to Small Claims Court (you do not need a lawyer) and attempt to reclaim all the fees since 1991. If you get a good ruling, you will help yourself and many others. Please keep me informed. Thnx.

Bruce Morrison, British Columbia: Thnx for your e-mail, Bruce, re the "Eric Story" (drunk driver who killed that little boy). Messages like your own give me the drive to keep it being played year after year. Have a healthy, peaceful, prosperous 2007. (

Ex-Rev. Kevin Annett, Nanaimo, B.C.: Congratulations on your documentuary film, "Hidden From History" winning the independent award in New York. Unfortunately, Kevin, I quit regular radio some months back to concentrate on cold-case murder investigations (see Page One of this website). Keep on rocking the boat, my friend. And stay in touch.

Harry Chong, Vancouver, B.C.: I played and re-played that particular call on-air down through the years. This past Christmas Eve, I offered a copy to my friend, Mike McIntyre, who writes and broadcasts about crime. He, too, agrees with you about the educational value (and the warning) contained in so dramatic fashion from the man who left that Christmas Eve party drunk...and killed that little boy. I concur with your idea to replay it for your two sons. Mike still has a copy ( or you could retrieve it from the CJOB, Winnipeg, radio station archives. If you still have problems obtaining it, get back to me.

Joe Hueglin, Heh, Joe, this is one of the first times I agree with you re the Chief Electoral Officer quitting, and the Income-Trust probe, and the CRTC boss. Wonders will never cease !

Prof. Jesse Vorst, Economics, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg: Thnx for your good wishes. I have always missed "mixing it up" with you, too.

Prof. Ian Stewart, Political Science, Acadia University: Your question about Jim Walding reference the book you are preparing -- regretfully, I do not have a transcript nor a tape of that interview. However, you might check with the University of Manitoba (department of archives and special collections), which has all my papers and some of the older tape recordings. You ask for my impressions: Jim Walding was a strange duck. I never figured him as a leftie anyway. I remember that interview well (before he brought down the Howard Pawley government) mainly because I conducted a weekly 15-minute interview with Premier Pawley. Mr. Walding was bitter about being dumped as Speaker and then not being included in cabinet. Most of ther callers expressed displeasure (and I am being "kind" in using that word !) because I believe they thought he was playing a personal game. On the other hand, isn't that what politicians have done for thousands of years ? Please send me a copy of the book when it is published. Thnx.

John, MM Group: Please see Page One of this website for an answer to your question about my broadcasts. For instance, I was on-air with Mike McIntyre for an hour last Sunday. Thnx for your interest.

S. Sims, Saskatchewan: Re the Leon Walchuk broadcast: I most appreciate your point, Sheila, and thank you for having given both Mr. McIntyre and myself the benefit of your background evidence. Please keep in touch, privately or publicly. My snail-mail address, etc., and other details are on this website. I only strive for the truth. Thnx.

Mike Stevens: Re the on-air broadcast about Leon Walchuk: I believe your questions to Mike McIntyre are absolutely valid and I hope you will share his answers with us both. Thnx.

Todd and Tricia, Saskatchewan: Re the on-air broadcast with Leon Walchuk: I agree with your assessment of the forensic evidence.

Nancy Schafer, Saskatchewan: Re Leon Walchuk broadcast: keep the faith, kiddo. And keep in touch.

Steve Dockeray, Milner, B.C.: Re the Leon Walchuk case: glad you were listening. Always appreciate your input. Feel free to call Leon's cousin (Murray at 1.780.288.0641) Thnx.

Jerry Wilson, former guard, Saskatchewan Penitentiary, Prince Albert: Re Leon Walchuk case on-air this weekend: Thnx, Jerry, for your insight with your background. Please see my messages below to Murray Gadica and feel free to give him a call. That is an excellent suggestion I will pass on to Mike McIntyre about the tape from the drunk driver who killed the little boy. Thnx again.

David J. Comeau, accountant, Calgary, Alberta: Re Leon Walchuk case on-air this weekend: Your comments are most pointed. Please call his cousin, Murray, at the telephone number given to Susan Gross (next message below.)Your statements about diagnostics are most appropriate and I think Murray Gadica would want to hear them. Thnx.

Susan Gross, Manitoba: Re Leon Walchuk case on-air this weekend: Please contact Murray Gadica, who is spearheading the campaign to have him freed (1.780.288,0641). Thnx.

Nancy Schafer, Saskatchewan: Thnx for your input re Leon Walchuk and the testimonies you attached. I am ready for the broadcast on Sunday (Dec. 3) and just hope we will not be blocked from having Leon on-air, alive and well. His story needs to be told.

Patti Scott, Port Alberni, B.C.: Rabbits do try to pro-create even in winter, dear lady. Thnx for your inquiries about my investigative services. Please keep tuned to the opening page of my website this coming week re details of a broadcast about possibly yet-another wrongfully-convicted case, which will air next weekend.

Ted & Linda: Appreciate your tip re the Hitler/Freud documentary. No, I have never used the pseudonym "Cedric Smith," and would be m-o-s-t interested in following it up if you can supply further info such as .... a) where aired ? b) when ? c) producer's name. Thnx muchly.

Rookiee Revolyob: Thnx for your invitation and description of your Podcast "Pedologues," however my current sked is so full, I am actually turning down work, Sorry.

Tamara Hisko, Jennifer Danker, Mitch Salvana, University of Ottawa: Thnx for your e-mail re the wrongful conviction of Steven Kaminski. Sorry, no tapes remain of my interview with his lawyer, Hersch Wolch. However, if you look at the opening page of this website, you will note I am full-time engaged in cold-case and wrongfully-convicted decisions at this time. If I can be of any other help, please stay in touch. Good luck.

Harry Mann, Manitoba: Sorry to hear about your psoriasis problem. As you know, I have lived with it for years. Nothing has worked. I took another curve on the highway five years ago -- and learned to just live with it. Good luck.

Josh Stevens/Indubitably: Your e-mail info is in contradiction to the claims you made in your first snail-mail letter. Forget the whole thing. I am not interested. .

Rick Duerksen, Hangar 14: Appreciate your recollection of the many years I read on-air, "Just A Common Soldier," every Remembrance Day. I am familiar with the video, "Just A Pittance of Time" by Canadian Terry Kelly. In fact, let's use this outlet to remind all Canadians to look at the production at: Thnx for your input Lest We Forget

Gordon Steele, Edmonton, Alberta: Re your e-mails to politicians (copy to me) in reference to sexist comments about Belinda Stronach, I thoroughly agree with your strong views. PS: when are you going to get a hockey team ?

Jacques de Winter (Jim Carroll), Tigerlily, Saskatchewan: Re the petition campaigning for a state funeral for the last Great War vets -- I have signed and onpassed.

The Antouns Family: Thnx for your query about radio stations that carry my broadcasts these days. Ever since, I quit the regular grind and switched to cold-case murder investigations from a journalistic point of view, I am heard only on radio and/or TV stations interested in that particular story.

Bill Kushniryk, Manitoba: Thnx for thinking of me and sending along that speech from the aboriginal chief. Obviously, it could never have been delivered by a non-native person. Pity it did not receive wider media attention.

T. Sandberg, B.C.: To answer your question -- I only broadcast now and again when the story fits.

Howard Skrypnyk, Winnipeg: Helluva year for you, sir. Thnx for your best wishes. Take care.

Pablo, Calgary: The answer to your question can be found on Page One of my website: and thnx for your your good thoughts.

S.M. and/or Josh and/or Indubitably, Manitoba: Am most interested. Can you use my snail-mail (# 6 - 1030 Hulford Street, Victoria, V8X 3B6) to preserve your anonimity ? The story to which you refer has been floating around for years, at various levels, with various people. I will investigate, if you can provide me with the necessary say-so on the quiet. I will protect your identity.

Barb (Jacob Lucy): I am with you on your thoughts about DNA being sought from the river. Guess we will have to await the outcome of the murder trial(s). Interesting how the farmland, despite the sordid background, is now worth a small fortune.

Lorne Ridgway, Saskatchewan: Thnx for your e-mail. Many Canadians agree entirely with you about consecutive sentencing. You are in a much stronger position than most of us having had two family members victimized and murdered. I add my name to your organization, and ask other Canadians to view your website: Best of luck, Lorne.

Arthur Schafer, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, and Stewart Webb, British Columbia: My friend, the academic Prof. Schafer is correct, but he neglects the oh-so-Canadian virtue that we call "it" under a myriad of other names.

Deborah (Precision Proofreading) British Columbia: Thnx for your sweet words, dear lady. Miss you, too. Call me for coffee, maybe.

G.R. (George Ryan) Yannacoulias, Prince Albert, Sask.: Please address your query re possible vacation-offer frauds to former RCMP Inspector, now private investigator Bruce Bowie at and mention that I suggested you contact him. Thnx.

Bob Resch, Vancouver, B.C.: Please see the opening page of my website re my current activities. Broadcasting is now strictly on a freelance basis, mostly national. Thnx for your kind words.

Charlie and Rose Sciberras, Manitoba: Congratulations, after such a long battle, in having Peter Kawulia's name added to the Hall of Fame. Much deserved. I hope this message reaches you through Linda Mitchell.

Ralph Hibbs, B.C.: Thnx for your support as a listener to CKNW in the past. I am now on radio, TV and in some newspapers on a freelance basis. For a direct answer to your query, please see the opening page of my website:

Larry Weber, Weber Commodities, Saskatchewan: Ted Farr kindly onpassed your message. Why was it rejected (to which e-mail address) when you originally forwarded it ? In regards to the content, I am fully aware of the CWB cover-up and, as you know, I campaigned against them for years. Keep in touch.

Barry Berger, Alberta: Much as I support your work of drug-rehab for Teen Challenge, please see my website: about my newest endeavor. Thnx.

Diane Wattling, B.C.: Simply, I have not been asked and no contracts have been signed for my investigation of the Khamis murder in June to which you refer.

Carol, NewsWatch, Saskatchewan: Hi, sweet lady, A joy to hear from you. Please see my website: for an answer to your question. Keep in touch.

Bob and Elva Corbin, Winnipeg: The Spanish product for psoriasis I mentioned on-air many years ago was banned by federal health authorities in Ottawa a few months later I believe because of the steroid content. Sorry.

John Walmsley, Winnipeg: Your point about gambling and leaders of major religious sects is an excellent issue, be it a small church hall bingo or a major lottery. Why not pitch leaders in your own community ?

Joan Thorogood, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Your issue on "separate-gender psychiatric wards" in my estimation is absolutely legitimate. If you care to set up a website devoted to same, I will do my best to publicize it.

Billy Franklin, Brooks, Alberta: Please see my website: for the answer to what I am doing now. Thnx.

Gary G., Alberta: Thnx for your good thoughts.

Michele Myers, Calgary, Alberta: Thnx for your kind wishes. Please continue to visit this website and listen for updates on radio, TV and in print about cases on which I am working.

The Schindlers, Nanaimo, B.C., and formerly Winnipeg, Manitoba: I have added the death of Dorothy Rowbottom to my list. However, please be advised that I now have more than 20 cold-case issues on my plate right now.

Alison McCoubrey, Kelowna, B.C.: Please see Page One of my website: for an answer to you query. Thnx.

Brian Crow, Pittsburgh, Penn.: Re Gary Barbour's amateur-radio-operator story: I have the FCC statement being sent tomorrow. The suggestion that "many Americans are discussing boycotting Canadian goods, etc." is ludicrous in the extreme. However, I will judge it as news story. Your input is helpful. Thnx.

Derrick Corr, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta: Your wishes for a "truly joyful life" made my day. Thnx.

K.G. (Gary) Barbour, Manitoba: Appreciate your news tip re the radio operator. I am following it up. .

Lauren Fraser, Vancouver, B.C.: Please see Page One of this website for an explanation of what I am now doing. Thnx.

Edith Wallace: Re the study guides: Google "Prof. Bernie" under the Canadian search engine.

Sandy Leider, Montreal: Unclaimed bank accounts. Google "Bank of Canada" and go from there. Good luck.

Rupi Kahlon, Edmonton: Please see opening page of my website: for an explanation. Thnx for your kind words.

A. Wilson, British Columbia: Your recollections re Zoloft fit right in with much of the research I am turning up today re another case. Thnx for sharing. Unfortunately, I am too busy with individual cases to deal in depth with the Highway Of Tears...but, my God, like the Downtown Eastside killings, somebody has to stand up and be counted for not investigating earlier.

Ellie Thorburn, Salt Spring Island, B.C.: Thnx so much for your support during my broadcasting career. It means a great deal when you pinpoint the "realism" I tried so hard to achieve.

Robin, Cal Bellamy, Calgary: Please see opening page of this website to discover what I am now doing. Thnx for your support while I was on radio down through the years.

Patti Scott, British Columbia: Do I now have to write poetry for you ? Okay try this:

"Hurray, Hurray, the first of July. But, if truth be told, I cannot lie: Rabbits in the sun may still be boinking, but, it's so damn hot, I'm flat-out done and only oinking !"

Dave Smith, Toronto: Thnx for your best wishes. No, I was not fired. See Page One of this website.

Wendye Lowden, Vancouver: Reference your message about food-bank rip-offs. I suggest you go directly to the Provincial Ombudsman and report his accreditation with Human Resources and Welfare departments.

Doug Toth, Regina, Saskatchewan: I am now doing freelance broadcasting on specific cold-case murder issues. See Page One of my website.

Rick Duerksen, Hanger 14: Thnx for pleasant message. Perhaps your comments re the state of AM radio these days should be directed to program directors and station owners.

Wayne Whiting, Nanaimo, B.C.: Re the Denise Purdy killing -- am still awaiting signed contract from Cathy Tait. Thnx for keeping me informed re your meetings with the RCMP. Trust you noticed the news story this week that RCMP in B.C. "vastly understaffed." This would indicate to me that, much as I support Her Majesty's Cowboys, they do not have enough money or manpower to concentrate on current crime, and even less on cold cases. I stand ready to sit in and tape (and, possibly, use on-air or in print) when Kelvin speaks.

Kurt Pyrch, Vancouver Island: Thnx for the news tip re the ferry sinking. Am checking facts right now. Keep 'em coming.

Geoff Martin, Calgary, Alberta: Not retired, Geoff, and thnx for your compliments. See Page One of my website for the explanation.

Wayne Whiting, Nanaimo, B.C.: I have sent Cathy Tait a series of questions and a contract re the Denise Purdy killing. Please keep me informed of your meeting with RCMP and co-operate with Cathy in filling in some blanks. Thnx.

Nancy Mereska, Two Hills, Alberta: Good to hear from you Nancy and the great work against polygamy you do. Please see my website: about my new endeavors. Am still broadcasting, albeit freelance. Keep in touch

Hannele Davidson, British Columbia: There are two sites I would suggest -- or (note the sign before "freedom" is a squiggle, top right handside of your keyboard, not a hyphen). Hope that helps. Let me know.

The Antouns Family: Thnx for that suggestion re Zoloft. I have onpassed it my webmaster, Sexy-George (see his pic at bottom of page one of the website). Because of your interest, may I recommend the book, "You Be The Jury," as promoted on the opening page of the same website. Thnx again.

Debbie Sibley, Alberta: Yes, I can investigate your brother's case. Please send me your snail-mail address and I will forward a questionnaire and a contract. I need to know the name of his legal defence team, plus names and addresses of ALL family members who testified. Thnx.

Colleen & Mojdeh, Edmonton, Alberta: Please see my new (May 30, 2006).

June Reid, Edmonton, Alberta: Hey, girl, thnx. See my new website and get the book, "You Be The Jury."

Big Mike Mikulla, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Thnx for the memories, particularly about listening to me when you were having your diapers changed ! Keep this website booked, as things are starting to happen on the cold-case murder scene. Incidentally, you might enjoy the book, "You Be The Jury," which is featured on the front page of this website.

Rick Salt and/or Sarah Melsness, Nanaimo, B.C.: No, sir, 'twas not "political crap, nor cheap pricks" as you suggest. Thnx for the wishes, but please see the opening page of this website to know why I switched careers.

Ed Tatarnic, Reed Deer, Alberta: You can only now reach me on radio when I have freelance segments broadcast about cold-case murders. Program times, dates and station call-letters will be advertised on this website.

Bill Polachuk, Calgary, Alberta: Please see opening page of my website for your answer: -- re what I am now doing (May 28, 2006).

Mark Gillespie, Wintergreen Learning Materials, Vancouver, B.C.: Please see opening page of my website: -- I will advertise when my freelance radio segments will air and on what stations.

Diane Sutherland, Vancouver, B.C.: Thnx for your reply, however the reason those names are up there is that I am not convinced Hoffman was the killer. There are a handful of men in Penetanguishene who should not be there. Let's keep in touch about all of them.

Rita Ford, Toronto: Regretfully, any investigation into your case will be unable to be undertaken immediately since I am snowed-under with several cold-case murders right now. If you are unable to acquire the services of somebody else in the meantime, please check back with me in about six months.

Diane Sutherland, Vancouver, B.C.: The first Wayne Leng interview I conducted was part of a week-long series in 2000 entitled "Where Are These Women ?" on CKNW Radio, Vancouver, which I am proud to say changed both police and public attitudes to the murders of those Eastside sex-trade workers from years of "oh, they're just junkie hookers" to "heh, these human beings are being killed." Since then, Wayne has been a guest in my radio studio and by telephone on several other occasions.

Thomas Fahey, Calgary, Alberta: Please see front page of my website: You might also enjoy the book "You Be The Jury" featured on that page. Just double-click the front cover.

Dr. Terry Polevoy, Ontario: Thnx, doctor, for keeping me in your invaluable link re health fraud. Please check "You Be The Jury" book (front page of my website, re death-by-prescribed-Zoloft) which resulted in no-parole life for a Canadian man, but conditional sentence for an Australian man under the same circumstances. Your expertise would help here.

Ian Lloyd Pennoyer (and others) from northern Alberta: Thank you for filling me about what a 630-CHED receptionist has been telling inquiring listeners (namely that Peter Warren "has passed away.") I have been in touch with station management and would inform everybody that, akin to the comments from somebody else, more famous, along the same line, "reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

Jim Belanus, Langdon, North Dakota: No, I have not switched stations, just careers. Please see the opening page of this website: (May 13, 2006).

Colleen, Village Travel, Alberta: Yes, thank you, I am healthy and safe. Please see the opening page of this website for an answer.

Gerry V. Weeks, Alberta: Please see the opening page of this website for an answer to your query (May 8, 2006).

Jean-Marc, Andrew & Josh Michaud, Cold Lake, Alberta: Appreciated your kind e-mail. You can find out what I am now doing by going to the opening page of this website, which should be of interest to you Jean-Marc.

Edward Rayner, Stonewall, Manitoba: I have onpassed your queries to former RCMP Inspector (now private investigator) Bruce Bowie. When on-air with him over the past eight years, we often warned about this particular scam. Mr. Bowie may get back to you personally, or I will re-send a message about his experienced advice.

John & Karen, Calgary: Thnx for missing me. However, I am still doing freelance radio, TV and print work, but in another field. Please see my website opening page.

Patti Scott, British Columbia: Ma'am, you are too old to consider following the rabbits' adage of "Hurray, Hurray, The First Of May. Outdoor boinking starts today."

Sal, VCN, British Columbia: Thnx for those kind words but, as mentioned in many cases below, I am on a new career path. Please check my website opening page.

Elaine, Edmonton, Alberta: Stick with me, dear lady, and do get in touch if you can assist with the serial killings of sex-trade workers in your city. .

Doug Stead, anti-child-porn crusader, British Columbia: Thnx for those statistics about repeat offenders. Have you tried to get mainstream media in Canada to re-print them ?

Jerry Pryde, Stoney Creek, Ont.: Thnx for your support in my new venture. You have been one of the most-intelligent, regular listeners I have had in more than 30 years on radio. Enjoy your music...and, if you have time, (or any other viewers to this page) give me a hand with Bill Fardoe's request lower in this list.

Gordon McCann, Calgary: Thank you, sir, you might inform your local radio station.

John Polson, Vancouver, B.C.: Get real, buddy, do not dump on me re Telus service.

Kathleen Hogan, Alberta: Keep in touch, madam, and thnx for your best wishes re my change-in-career.

Joan, Jim Kroplin, London, Ont.: Thnx for your note. Marlene Truscott also sent me a personal e-mail and, of course, I will keep fighting in support of Steve.

Catherine Ewing (with camera), Vancouver, B.C.: "Big honkin' hugs" back to you, dear lady. Stick with me, ma'am, this new gig will be up and running in about six months.

Mike Whalen, Sheridan College, Ont: My telephone number is on this website. Call me re the interview request.

Oryst Myroniuk, Calgary: Sorry, pal, that one about the Utopian way of handling kids is an Urban Legend, don't waste your time.

Bruce and Sheila Morris, Vancouver: Thnx for your kind words. You sound like gentle people.

Brian Bishop, London, Ont.: Sir, tell you mom to take a hike away from the scam being run by the company which says she has money in the bank. Google: Bank of Canada on her behalf and go from there, If you need extra help, please contact me again.

Audrey Doyle, Victoria, B.C.: Thnx for your kind regards. No I did not retire. Please check out this entire website.

Sharon McPhee, British Columbia: Thnx for your remarks about my change in career. If you click on "Warren Recommends" on this website, you will find Mr. Bruce Bowie's address and website. He can better answer your questions about whether he has followed up on that crime report.

Sheri and Barry Hall, Nanaimo, B.C.: Thnx so much for your good wishes. Please see the remainder of this website.

Stephanie Kimpinski, Edmonton: Thnx to you, too, dear lady. Again, please survey this website for answers.

Paul Berti, Vancouver, B.C.: Do not blame CKNW or the Corus Radio Network. I made a solid, honest decision (and I informed management) way back in late January/early February. Yes, I would consider another radio gig somewhere if this current endeavor does not work out.

Prof. Helmut-Harry Loewen, University of Winnipeg: Thnx, old friend, for your support and the notation of the slime-bucket notations that have been made against me about a certain white supremacist whose name we will not mention here because it just gives him the publicity he craves.

Patti Scott, Vancouver: You ask "how does a person proceed with an idea for advertising with losing one's ownership of that idea ?" First, do NOT fall for the scam copyright ads on TV; secondly, never believe that old wive's tale about "all you have to do to protect an idea or invention is to send it back to yourself via registered mail;" finally, snail-mail the idea to me (we have known each other long enough) and I will give you an honest answer for free.

Bob (Doc) Holliday, Winnipeg: Happy to hear about your latest PSA results, sir. You should have listened to me about impotency ! See my website ( re answers to your questions about my future.

Bill Fardoe, Brandon, Manitoba: You ask about a returning veteran named Richardson who went to his death on the gallows. This triggers a memory with me -- I believe he was Metis. I will ask other people on this site with information to e-mail me. Meantime, try the Royal Canadian Legion.

John Beatty, Vancouver: You are completely wrong about your suggestions re my change-in-career -- it was an individual decision of my own, not as you seem to imply.

Karen Walker, Vancouver: University of Winnipeg scientist Dr. Eva Pip would be happy to advise you. She is Canada's foremost water expert and will tell you that, for most areas of the country, tap water is as good as -- even better -- than the expensive bottled water.